Water Feature Ideas: 9 Creative Ways To Add Water to Your Back Yard

Water Feature Ideas: 9 Creative Ways To Add Water to Your Back Yard

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Water feature with several water feature ideas

Every back yard enjoys benefits from anything that adds to the overall atmosphere. While some yards rely on stones, plants, and mood lighting, the right water features breathe new life into your surroundings.

If you’re dreaming of finding tranquility in your landscape design, check out these nine creative water feature ideas.

1. Let It Flow

A small waterfall is a beautiful way to add water to your back yard. The gentle sounds of water flowing over a ledge into a small pool or over rocks are music to the ears of many yard enthusiasts. Falling water is also visually appealing, making it a beautiful addition to any yard.

Your waterfall may pour from a rocky surface into a small collection pool or have a grate beneath decorative features like rocks to catch and reuse the water. To enhance the natural atmosphere, you can utilize other materials like bamboo sticks or driftwood as part of the waterfall or to border a collection pool.

2. Natural Ponds

Whether to collect flowing water or as a standalone water feature, installing a pond is a great way to revitalize your back yard. Include plant life like water lilies, reeds, flowering plants, or shrubs to create a more natural atmosphere. Pets and wildlife enjoy ponds as watering holes or wading pools while family, friends, and guests enjoy the scenery.

Ponds are great places to build a natural oasis, as they attract aquatic animals like frogs and salamanders. With the right filtration system, koi ponds are an excellent way to add life to your water landscape while keeping insects from collecting on the water’s surface.

3. Beautiful Fountains

Man enjoying fountain in backyard

You may enjoy a garden fountain if natural waterfalls are not your ideal water feature. Garden fountains come in various materials like concrete, marble, or even steel or other metals that resist water damage.

Fountains lit from the right angles create interesting moods in the garden, while for specific festivities, you can add colors to your fountains, such as green animal-safe dye for St. Patrick’s Day.

Some fountains resemble creatures like cherubs or gargoyles; other fountains shoot water from less traditional fountain heads like bottles, bells, or trumpets. In some fountains, water is forced to shape itself into crisscrossed patterns or may spout off in a timed rotation.

4. Reflect on Your Surroundings

A reflection pool is a beautiful addition to back yards requiring more tranquility than other spaces. These beauties feature a flat, mirror-like water surface that reflects the glory of your surrounding garden. 

Landscape designers can build reflection pools in different shapes and depths to create the look and feel you want in your garden. You can also use stacked stone to create focal points in and around your reflection pool.

5. Art in Motion

While fountains, reflection pools, and waterfalls are lovely, you may seek to add a more modern look to your water features.

Water features that double as art can be anything from etched glass sheets to metallic sculptures allowing water through tubes and notches to create novel designs. These pieces of art in motion may be more expensive than other water features, but their presence will enhance any back yard.

6. Water Gardens Fit Anywhere

Water feature ideas also include a water garden

Even small back yards benefit from water features. Water gardens are homes to aquatic plants and can sprout up in ponds or basins built outside the ground.

Because aquatic plants don’t have as many requirements as living creatures, you can easily grow and maintain a water garden regardless of the size of your space. The most important thing to remember while choosing aquatic plants is to find buoyant plants so you can enjoy them as they grow.

7. Raise the Water

Concern over potential accidents with household pets and children may make an in-ground water feature challenging to justify. Raised ponds reduce the risks of water-related accidents by building a wall as a border, usually made of stones or concrete and decorated with various materials.

Installing windows into the walls of your raised pond also invites new ways to enjoy your koi pond or other aquatic life while in the garden.

8. Wading and Swimming

Stay cool during warmer weather with a built-in water feature like a pond or stream that allows wading. Deeper ponds are also great places for swimming in natural water without as many chemicals as a traditional swimming pool.

In addition, water features allowing for wading or swimming can also create ideal learning environments for young children, as ponds are great places to learn about aquatic ecosystems.

9. Built-in Water Features

Bring modern sophistication to your landscape design by using water in non-decorative features. A water table burbling with continuously flowing water functions as a place to set your drinks while glazing itself with a thin layer of running water.

Decorate your water table with additional waterproof art or small, unobtrusive fountains to enhance the atmosphere. You can also add a basin to your water table to transform it into an endless running pool, perfect for rinsing your hands and cooling your brow.

Other built-in water features include water walls and walls stacked against each other like bleachers but with hollowed-out tubs for still or running water. Sometimes, the water overflows onto the wall below it, while different designs offer ways to keep the back wall dry. Water walls can also function as ponds in their own right, allowing for the growth of aquatic plant life and gifting your back yard with an exceptional piece of landscaping design.

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