How Much Does An Amazing Outdoor Living Space Cost?

How Much Does An Amazing Outdoor Living Space Cost?

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People Near You Are Looking Up The Cost Of An Outdoor Living Space So They Can Start Planning On Getting One For Their Homes

It’s always nice to know the price, especially for a purchase as large as an entire outdoor living space.

In this post, you can discover the costs of an outdoor living space. You can also find out the main reasons the cost can change.

Outdoor living space with kitchen water feature tv and lights

How Much Does An Outdoor Living Space Cost?

An outdoor living space can cost between $30,000 and $100,000 and higher. It mainly depends on the size, structure choices, job complexity, site accessibility, material choice, and any additions or upgrades.

Basic outdoor living spaces can cost about $30,000. This can include a 150 square foot paver patio that comfortably fits 3 to 5 people. It can also include a seating wall, a fire pit or a water feature, a privacy wall, and plants.

Average outdoor living spaces can cost about $65,000. This can include a 400 square foot patio that comfortably fits 5 to 7 people. It can also include a fireplace or a water feature, seating with columns, a 10-by-10 pergola, lighting, and plants.

High-end outdoor living spaces can cost about $100,000. This can include a 650+ square foot patio that comfortably fits 10 to 15 people. It can also include a multi-tiered design, an outdoor kitchen, a pool deck, a fireplace or a high-end waterfall, a 16-by-16 pergola, lighting, plants, entryways, and walkways.

*Prices are averages and can mainly change based on the factors below

1. The size of your outdoor living space

This is a huge factor in the cost of an outdoor living space. 

Larger outdoor living spaces usually cost more to build than smaller ones. They take more materials, more labor, and more time to build. All of these factors increase the price. Larger backyards usually result in larger outdoor living areas.

Smaller outdoor living spaces can still be on the pricey side. The cost will change based on the other factors listed below.

2. What structures and features you choose

Depending on what you want in your outdoor living space, the cost can go up or down. 

Certain structures and features can change the cost of an outdoor living space. It pretty much comes down to structures and features using different materials and building processes.

Larger and more complex structures and features will have a higher cost than smaller, simpler ones.

3. How complex your project is

The more work it takes to create, the higher the cost will be.

Some structures and features are more difficult and time-consuming to build, such as a fireplace is easier to install than a backyard pond. Size plays a part in this as well. Larger structures add to the complexity of the project.

Multiple structures and features will take more time, labor, and materials to complete.

4. How easy it is for us to access your backyard

This is a little-known factor that can affect the cost of an outdoor living space.

It’s really hard to work efficiently if we can’t get to your backyard easily. Using a wheelbarrow to move rocks vs a machine takes way more time and labor. This adds to the price.

We may need to make space so your backyard is accessible, like temporarily removing part of a fence

5. What materials you choose

This also plays into what structures and features you choose.

Certain materials can change outdoor living space costs. Paver patio stones vs wood for a deck will have a different cost. More brick for a fireplace vs rocks and plumbing for a water feature have different price tags.

6. If you add any additions or upgrades

This is the most fun factor that plays into outdoor living space costs.

You can take your outdoor living space to new levels! Try landscape lighting, integrated TV and speakers, an outdoor kitchen, and more. They do add more to the project which will raise the cost.

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