Best Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard

Best Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard

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Pergola with trellis

Your backyard should include your ideal features that enhance the look and feel of the space while incorporating a wow factor. Pergolas are excellent additions for your backyard. These structures provide coverage against the sun and create distinct zones in your yard.

The professionals at Outdoor Concepts KC want to help you make an informed decision about pergola designs. Below are several pergola ideas for you to consider for your backyard.

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Before installing or updating a pergola in your yard, look below at our list featuring the best pergola ideas for inspiration.

1. Slatted Pergola with Matching Furniture

A slatted pergola blends traditional wood beams with a modern design. The slats on the roof extend down two sides of the structure, creating ample shade on three sides without blocking breezes. You can enhance the streamlined appeal of a slatted pergola with furniture of similar material and color.

2. Home Exterior Extension

Instead of installing a freestanding pergola, you can make it an extension of your home. For example, if your patio is next to your house, you can erect a pergola directly over it.

Attaching a pergola to the side of your house extends your living space seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. If you want to enjoy your patio space in sunny and rainy weather, you could include an awning to the pergola’s roof. 

3. Oversized Pergola Over a Patio Space

Pergola over a patio

Pergolas can be any size. However, if you have a spacious patio and intend to use it to relax with family and host events with friends, it might be best to invest in an oversized pergola.

These elegant yet simple structures help clearly define outdoor entertainment areas. They are wide and tall enough to generate an airy atmosphere and still provide adequate shade.

Under your oversized pergola, you can add everything needed for a fun night out, like a dining table, comfortable seating, a grill, or a fire pit. The structure is tall enough to hang potted plants and outdoor lighting from the roof without creating obstructions.

It’s one of many excellent outdoor living space ideas.

4. Privacy Walls

Most pergolas have an open space with beams supporting a grid or slat roof. However, you could transform a pergola into a semi-private outdoor living space by adding walls on one or more sides.

Instead of wood walls that match the structure’s wood beams, you can create partitions using long curtains. Sheer white curtains and draped fabric give a sense of privacy without completely shutting you away from the world. Leave them open to enjoy a sunny day or draw the curtains closed for private moments.

5. Garden Entrance

If your yard contains a lovely garden, why not install a pergola for its entrance? It would add to the visual appeal of a lush garden in full bloom.

Pergolas also give climbing plants a sturdy structure to hold while growing. Choose a simple pergola to serve as the entrance to your garden or a patio with cozy seating where you can admire the blossoms and greenery.

6. Outdoor Dining

Pergola over dining area

A freestanding pergola on your patio space is the perfect place to set up furniture for an outdoor dining experience. The roofs of dining pergolas have a simple grid shape. Leave the grid uncovered for maximum sunlight, or add drapery to dine in the shade.

Complete your dining pergola with an outdoor dining set. Wood and glass furniture look lovely with such a simple pergola. The setup won’t detract from other features, seating, and structures on your patio.

7. Corner Cabin with String Lights

Corner cabin style pergolas work for many spaces, like large backyards and moderately sized properties. This style includes rustic, unpainted wood beams and a slanted roof to provide optimal shade on sunny days.

The structure fits snugly next in the corner of your yard near an unfinished wood fence. Make the space more inviting for guests and late-night conversations with outdoor sectional seating to fit into the pergola’s makeshift nook. Hang outdoor lighting from the upper beams like an oversized lantern or twinkle string lights.

8. Island Thatching Pergola Cover

Consider installing a pergola with an island thatching cover for a shaded patio space that doesn’t sacrifice natural lighting. This material has a similar feel to shade coverings in Polynesia and Tahiti.

Thatch is the perfect material for the pergola roof if you prefer an island aesthetic for your property’s exterior. Finish the look with sturdy wicker furniture, and surround the area with orchids, potted palms, and other tropical plants for a cohesive exterior design.

9. Polynesian Poolside Pergola

Consider bringing the same resort feel of luxury Polynesian hotels with a poolside pergola. A standalone pergola next to your backyard pool creates a sense of royalty, especially after draping lightweight, white fabric across its roof and partially down the sides.

Sit back and take in the sights poolside under the pergola’s shade. Trade standard poolside benches for heavily cushioned lounges with throw pillows for maximum comfort and an added sense of luxury. A side table for holding drinks and snacks completes the look.

10. Northeastern Style Pergola with a Coffee Table

If you desire a cozy pergola with a northeastern feel, this design is one to consider. The standalone pergola transforms any patio into an inviting outdoor living room. Finish the look with a hybrid coffee table, fire pit, and cushioned chairs with comfortable throw blankets.

Add string lights to the pergola’s upper beams to relax outside under the evening sky and soft lighting. The wood beams and curved roof also pair well with outdoor kitchens with stone facades for meal preparation.

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There is no limit to the pergola ideas for your home. When you’re ready to have the backyard of your dreams with your ideal pergola, turn to Outdoor Concepts KC, Kansas City’s go-to exterior services company. Our professional designers and installers can rejuvenate your property without hurting your wallet.

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