9 Incredible Fire Pit Ideas You’ll Want In Your Backyard

9 Incredible Fire Pit Ideas You’ll Want In Your Backyard

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Fire pit with Adirondack chairs

You can use these fire pit ideas to add something useful, beautiful, and unique to your backyard.

Do you ever look longingly at your backyard during the colder months?

You miss hosting people on your deck or patio, gathering together with your loved ones, and creating beautiful memories in your backyard. It’s hard not to after getting used to using your backyard area.

There is a solution that can help you. You can keep using your backyard area for longer with a fire pit! Add some warmth to your backyard and a place to gather around with your loved ones.

Outdoor Concepts KC can help you bring the campfire feel to your outdoor living space.

You have a wide variety of choices, so you’re sure to find a fire pit that can fit your taste and the style of your backyard. You’ll also find one that works the way you want.

9 Fire Pit Ideas You’ll Love

1. Gas fire pit

Gas fire pit under roof

If you want easier, gas is the way to go.

You’ll find it easy to light, runs continuously, and is clean burning. This means no smoke following you around the fire. There are also fewer fire hazards than with wood fire pits.

2. Wood-burning fire pit

If you want a more realistic pit, wood-burning is the way to go.

Wood-burning fire pits give you a more realistic experience. It’s also affordable, faster to install, and boosts the aesthetics of your home.

3. Modern-style fire pit ideas

This fire pit will fit in with more modern-looking outdoor living spaces.

You can go several different routes with modern fire pit ideas. Many people choose a rectangular pit that has a natural stone look. You can fill it with heat-resistant stones, black lava, or colored glass chips.

4. Conversation fire pit

Fire pit ideas with stone seating

This needs more than just a fire pit.

Around this fire pit goes a curved stone seating wall. Add more stone to them to provide a backrest along with plenty of outdoor pillows and cushions.

You don’t need it to be a permanent fire pit if you don’t want it to be. There are portable fire pits you can take around with you.

5. Stone fire pit

Add some Adirondack chairs around your stone fire pit and it’ll feel just like sitting around a campfire.

Stone fire pits can rise out of the ground or be in-ground with a small barrier around it. This style of fire pit is a classic and timeless one. 

6. Chiminea fire pit ideas

Now fire pit ideas like this one definitely have a unique look.

Chiminea fire pits make for a great focal point, but they don’t take all the attention. Think large urn but with a hole where you put in wood to burn. There are enough styles and colors to fit into any outdoor living space.

7. Classy campfire fire pit

This fire pit is the closest you can get to a natural-looking campfire.

It’s a sphere with metal netting around it that stands on four legs. You put wood logs in the center, light them, and gather around to enjoy the warmth and view.

8. Metal fire pit ideas

Modern fire pit

Metal fire pits need a little extra care.

You can choose between aluminum, cast iron, copper, steel, and stainless steel. The extra care part comes in the form of a fire pit cover. This protects it from the elements and helps it look better for years longer.

9. Fire pit tables

This may be the crowning achievement on this list of fire pit ideas.

Can you imagine eating with a small, warm, bright fire right in front of you? This is the height of what you can do with a gas fire pit. Like with the modern fire pit, you can fill it with stones, black lava, or colorful glass chips.

Use Outdoor Concepts KC To Help You Make The Most Of Your Backyard

You can use these fire pit ideas to add an impressive new detail to your backyard. It’ll add to the visual appeal, help you use your outdoor area longer, and inspire others to add to their home.

Contact us when you’re ready to talk about your outdoor living space project. Or, check out our outdoor living space page for more information.

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