9 Backyard Design Ideas For Kansas City Homeowners

9 Backyard Design Ideas For Kansas City Homeowners

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Outdoor living space with furniture

A beautiful backyard design can make your outdoor lounge area the highlight of your home. It increases your residence’s curbside appeal while giving you a relaxing space to escape to after a long day at the office. However, figuring out the perfect backyard design scheme can often be challenging.

To help make it easier, the design experts at Outdoor Concepts KC put together a few outdoor layouts that can boost your backyard to extraordinary new heights.

Outdoor Concepts KC is one of Kansas City’s leading exterior design companies. We create lavish outdoor design concepts so you can get the most out of your backyard or patio. Our team has over 15 years of industry experience and can make your outdoor space better than ever at a fair and affordable price.

Continue reading to learn more about exterior designs and how a sophisticated layout can improve your home and outdoor experience.

1. Enchanting Garden With Stone Walkways

Backyard design with stone walkway and pond and garden

Planting a garden full of beautiful flowers and vegetation is a surefire way to improve your backyard’s allure. Colorful plants and foliage set a relaxing tone that can help you unwind after a hard day’s work. Installing a small stone pathway through your garden can further its visual appeal while giving it an enchanting feel that will fill your neighbors with envy.

Building some stone planters or a koi pond can also heighten your backyard’s charm, giving you a gorgeous outdoor oasis that you will enjoy for many years to come.

2. Outdoor Dining Area

Many Kansas City homeowners enjoy throwing outdoor parties during the summer season. Installing an elegant outdoor dining area on your patio or exterior lounge can take your summer parties to a new level. Creating an outdoor kitchen equipped with a stainless-steel grill, fire pits, patio chairs, and outdoor furniture will allow you to soak up the great outdoors while you entertain your guests with a savory meal.

You don’t have to host extravagant parties to enjoy an outdoor kitchen. They also provide you with a delightful outdoor dining area where you can cook for your family while they relish the great outdoors.

3. Vegetable Garden

Some homeowners want a more practical backyard design that allows them to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Constructing a large vegetable garden can transform your dull backyard into an exciting agricultural paradise. Planting a few tomatoes, peppers, and radishes will add color to your backyard while giving you nutritious food for your family to enjoy.

Backyard vegetable gardens work great for homeowners yearning to dive into a new hobby. They teach you valuable life skills and allow you to live off the land, giving you more independence while helping you save on your monthly grocery expenses.

4. Two-Level Yard

Creating a two-level yard can give your outdoor space a unique look as enchanting as it is artistic. Having an elevated yard with a surrounding low-level patio can give your home’s exterior a fresh modern look that won’t go out of style any time soon.

Two-level yards allow you to explore your creative side while enhancing your home’s exterior style. You can construct a gorgeous, raised garden that overlooks a fire pit or outdoor lounge. If you want a unique backyard design that will make your property stand out from the crowd, you may want to consider a two-level yard?

5. Covered Patio

Small covered patio with fountain

A covered patio allows you to beat the summer heat while maximizing your outdoor experience. They provide an elegant sitting area for backyard festivities and match nearly any outdoor style. You can also hang elegant lamps and other accessories from the patio covering, improving your backyard’s visual allure.

Covered patios also allow you to enjoy your backyard rain or shine. The roof prevents rain from entering your sitting area and keeps you dry when you want to watch a calming summer storm. Whether you want to host a fancy summer bash or yearn for a relaxing place to dine with your family, you can’t go wrong with a covered patio.

6. Poolside Lounge

Lounging poolside offers a great way to enjoy Kansas City’s summer climate. Enhancing your pool’s lounge area with exquisite patio sets can improve your backyard’s visual appeal and give you a relaxing place to soak up the sun. You can enjoy your favorite mixed drink poolside and forget the woes of the world with this terrific backyard design.

7. Vertical Garden

Transforming a small backyard into an elegant outdoor area isn’t easy. The limited space requires you to think outside the box and develop sophisticated patio arrangements that match your personal style. Vertical gardens allow homeowners with small backyards to enjoy lovely plants without taking up excess space.

Vertical gardens hang along fences and walls and provide homeowners an alternative to potted plants and traditional gardens. They take up minimal space and produce beautiful plants and flower arrangements that allow your tiny backyard to reach its full potential.

8. Gazebos

A heavenly gazebo can heighten any large backyard’s charm. Their wondrous nature makes them a welcoming addition to any outdoor design and can make your backyard resemble an enchanting wonderland. Gazebos require minimal maintenance and add elegance to your home garden.

9. Fire Pits

Circular gas fire pit under covered patio

Few things liven up a backyard design more than fire pits. They allow you to enjoy your outdoor sitting space during the winter and illuminate nighttime skies during summer celebrations. Building a chic lounge area around your fire pit will make your backyard more relaxing than ever, giving you a tranquil environment to enjoy year-round.

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