8 Outdoor Living Space Ideas You’ll Love To Have

8 Outdoor Living Space Ideas You’ll Love To Have

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Your Neighbors In Johnson County, Kansas Are Using These Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Make Their Backyard A True Retreat

Why stop at just a patio or a deck when you can turn your backyard into an outdoor retreat? Outdoor rooms are a fantastic addition that lets you make the most of your backyard.

In this post, you can find out which ideas are people’s favorites.

Combination of outdoor living space ideas including a fireplace and outdoor kitchen

8 Of The Best Outdoor Living Space Ideas

1. Water feature

You’ll always wonder how you were living without a water feature after installing one. 

Water features are an excellent and unique focal point for backyards. You can gather around your water feature as you talk with friends and family. Even better, you can relax on your patio or deck and listen to the calming sound of running water flowing by you.

You can install a koi pond, pondless stream, or a fountain for this effect. If you combine two or more of these water features, you’ll achieve a truly fantastic look and style for your home.

2. Fire feature

Fire pit on patio

You don’t have to let those chillier days stop you from enjoying your outdoor living area.

Gather around the fire pit or fireplace while you share stories, sip a warm beverage, and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Fire features are one of the best outdoor living space ideas for creating a warm and loving atmosphere.

3. Lighting

Don’t you want to make the most of your outdoor area?

It’s hard to fully love your outdoor area if you can only enjoy it when the sun’s out. Landscape lighting can help you get more from it! It also casts it in a new light, making it like you have two outdoor living spaces.

There are many types of outdoor lighting you can choose to brighten your space. You can put garden lights in the natural areas, string lights through roof structures, and more.

4. Pergola

If you love being creative, you may love having a pergola. 

Pergolas are wooden structures that go over patios and decks. They have separate beams of wood for a roof that help break up the sunlight. 

You can string lights through it, grow ivy up it, add curtains for some privacy, and other fun ideas. This could be your favorite of all the outdoor living space ideas.

5. Solid roof structures

If you want more shade, add a solid roof structure.

You can make it from wood or stone. What’s great about these is you can install a fan to get some air circulation and some lights so you can enjoy it at night. Another option for a solid roof structure is a gazebo.

6. Outdoor kitchen

This is, perhaps, the highest-end outdoor living space idea. While they tend to have a high cost, you’ll love the benefits that come with them.

You don’t have to feel separated from the action because you’re inside cooking. Do it outside instead and feel like part of the party! Other benefits include no more worrying about the smoke alarm, smelling up the house, fire, or damaging the cabinets.

7. Outdoor furniture

You need a place to sit so you can relax and enjoy your backyard, right?

Wicker and waterproof furniture are some of the most common outdoor living space ideas people use. Add a dining table, a couch or two, and a table, and you’ll have a great place to enjoy nature.

 8. Electronics

You can take your outdoor room to the next level with some electronics!

Some people add television and surround sound to their area. It’s a great way to make it feel more like a room in your home.

Create An Incredible Backyard With These Outdoor Living Space Ideas

You can have a backyard that’s the envy of your neighborhood. It may even start a trend that’ll change the look of everyone’s backyard. 

You can start being a trendsetter right now by contacting us about your project. Or, you can take a look at our outdoor living space service page for more information.

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